A Bodacious Beehive

A 1964 hairstyle that has a life of its own.
 I love this 1964 hairstyle; it has a life of its own. Having grown up in the south, big hair was something that was very much a part of everyday life in my formative years.

It was common back in the 1960's to see women at the grocery store with their hair in curlers, waiting for their hair to dry. In a place with 90%+ humidity, I can't think the exercise would be all that effective, but what do I know? Call it multitasking. 

Regardless, they would then go home, tease their hair to amazing heights, and spray it with the equivalent of spray lacquer, rendering it capable of withstanding gale force winds on a rainy day. It was truly an art form.

Examining the intricacies of these creations made church  services much more entertaining. And while my mother did not engage in the socially expected practice of helmet head, my grandmother had hair that stayed perfectly immobile for the entire week between hair appointments, aided by satin pillowcases and frequent reapplications of lacquer.

Women do a lot of funky things to their hair. When I see things like this beautiful bodacious beehive, I can only wonder what were we thinking?

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