A Level Cooking Field

Old Westinghouse stove in turquoise, with two cooktop levels.
My stove has only one level. In fact, every stove I've ever cooked on - or even seen, for that matter - has had only one level. However, back in 1964, Westinghouse came out with this very groovy multilevel stove. 

Apparently, it didn't catch on.

Which is not to say that it wasn't a good idea. According to the ad, the two cooking heights were meant for maximum cooking comfort. I would be most comfortable having someone cooking for me, but that seems unlikely. Maybe I could but on a Top Chef jacket, or a frilly apron and pumps? Perhaps it would alter my outlook on cooking for the better.

As to the color of this range, I would be totally inspired to cook more if all my appliances came in awesome colors such as this vintage stove. I found a great article on How to Paint Your Kitchen Appliances. It's a very cool idea, especially for people who want a custom look without the custom price. However, if you belong to the stainless steel appliance of the month club, you are better off staying stainless. Yawn.


  1. Renee in FloridaJune 6, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    I have this stove!!! I LOVE it!!!

    If you had this stove, you would love to cook. The front burner get super hot for sauteing, stir fry, braising etc. The back burners do a super low simmer for soups and sauces The oven holds its temp perfectly for great baked goods, roasts and casseroles.

  2. How cool is that? You actually have this stove? What color is it?

  3. i have this stove! looking for replacement burners. love it!

  4. I have this in brown with matching nutone hood. Works great!