Can a Woman Over 35 Find Happiness?

Can a woman over 35 find happiness with a carpet f Polycrest in her dining room?
On my 30th birthday, my mother called to tell me that I now had a better chance of getting struck by lightning than I did of getting married at my age.

She probably saw that on Fox news.

Despite her dire predictions, I did manage to marry a few years later, raise a couple of kids, and yes, even find happiness on occasion.

I saw this carpet ad from a 1966 LHJ Magazine. The caption reads: "Can a woman over 35 find happiness with a carpet of Polycrest in her dining room?"

Personally, I have never found floor coverings to be a source of notable happiness, but apparently there are women who do, to which I say "You go girl."

Marlena, the woman in the ad, has quite a story, the fine print of which has been cut out of this shot. She is celebrating her 35th birthday, and has received extravagant gifts from the 7 men here at her party. She has also received marriage proposals from each man as well, but ultimately decides to go with Joe, the blonde in the back right who says, "Run barefoot with me through the carpets of Polycrest, forever."

It would probably translate better as a YouTube video, I'm thinking. I can't even imagine how the ad people pitched this idea. When my husband proposed to me, he offered me health insurance for the rest of my life.

Now that's a much better offer than carpet.

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