Potato Salad Pie

Potato Salad that has been decoratively arranged in a pie plate; hence, potato salad pie.
I found this recipe in a Ladies' Home Journal from 1964 for this Potato Salad Pie, which would be a fun choice for a backyard barbecue or your next church covered dish. Mostly, you see potato salad just heaped into a bowl, which is only a minor improvement from the plastic container that it was in when you bought it pre-made at the market. You told people you made that? Pleaseeeee...

Potato salad is actually one of the easiest foods to make, so unless you are a total kitchen moron, you can surely do this. Then, all you really have to do is use a little creativity in plating and garnishing it, and people will think you are a genius. OK, maybe not a genius, but pretty darned creative at least.

Here is the potato salad recipe from Hellmann's Mayonnaise, as it appeared in Ladies' Home Journal, July 1964. 

Potato Salad Pie
3 lbs [about 10 medium] potatoes
2 cups diced celery
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
1 cup mayonnaise [Hellmann's]
2 tsp cider vinegar
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
more mayonnaise, cherry tomatoes, and watercress to garnish

Cook potatoes until tender. Peel and chill. 
Slice or dice potatoes.
Add celery, onion, and parsley.
Mix mayonnaise, vinegar, and seasoning, and add that as well. 
Toss together well.
Press into a 9 inch pie pan.
Build up the edges to look like pie pastry.
Smooth the center and chill.
Before serving, "frost" the center with more mayonnaise and garnish.

Now, this would probably work for any potato salad recipe you have. You could change it up a bit with purple potatoes, and add a little beet juice to the frosting for a very interesting effect. Then go do your hair and have a drink. You must be exhausted.

As with all our recipes, if you actually try the recipe, and you take a picture and send it to us, we will post it in our Retro Chef Gallery, along with a link to your blog or website of choice.

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