She's a Rainbow

Lemony yellow and white dinette of a very mod design from 1971.
I found this totally cool picture of a yellow and white dinette set in a 1971 Good Housekeeping Magazine. Love the three color rainbow, don't you? The whole look is very mod, but the chairs look way too delicate to handle today's average American. I don't really see Larry the Cable Guy making it through a dinner here.

My brother-in-law gave me an iPod recently. I never had one, and never really thought I wanted one. It sat in its box for a couple of weeks, until I finally broke down and had the kids return all my CD's and give me a quick primer on how to load it up with music. 

So today when  went to the gym, I put in my earphones and began sort of dancing around the track instead of simply walking. It was so engrossing that an hour passed before I even knew it. Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Yes, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer swirled through my brain. I came home, took a shower, and promptly collapsed.

I like going to the gym. I never seem to lose a whole lot of weight, but I do think it helps my overall health. I go in the mornings, which is the ideal time because the vast majority of people there at that time of day are significantly older than me, so I feel more youthful.

My brother has been on my mother's case to get her to go out and exercise as well. She would prefer not to, but has attended a couple of balance classes in order to get him off her back. I am afraid she will lose mobility very soon if she doesn't start to do something. But really, she doesn't care as long as we don't take away her access to Facebook.

My grandmother, however, understood about mobility, whether it had to do with your feet or your bowels. She kept everything moving for as long as she could. She had a very tiny house, but she had measured the distance from one end to the other, and knew exactly how many laps equaled one mile. She would walk her mile between lunch and the onset of the afternoon soaps every day. I think it was a pretty good solution for someone who was housebound. 

Tomorrow I'll hit the treadmill at home with my iPod and my new found musical enlightenment. I'm thinking Rolling Stones' She's a Rainbow to start.

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