The Nylon Club

Start a Nylon Club in Your Neighborhood
I love this ad enticing women to start a Nylon Club in their neighborhood. In a too good to be true detail, this company promises to even have a new Chevrolet delivered to you as a bonus so you can drive around and get your orders. It sounds like the Wilknit Hosiery Company must have a lot of confidence in your sales abilities.

Hose wearing was a must for women back in 1950, when this ad came out. Wearing hose also included the wearing of either a girdle or a garter belt to keep them up, as pantyhose would not actually hit the market until 1959. When you think about it, pantyhose are not all that much of an improvement over the previous version. They never fit correctly around the crotch, the waist is always too tight, and they are time consuming to clean.

Thankfully, pantyhose have been in decline for about the last 2 decades. Can I hear a hallelujah, sister? More casual attire for the workplace is often blamed, but I would suggest that women simply got tired of wearing something that was uncomfortable, fragile, and expensive. However, if you deliver a new Chevrolet to my door, I might be inclined to change my tune.

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