A Chartreuse Living Room

Fabulous chartreuse couches from 1971.
I made a Pinterest board for Chartreuse Living Rooms. I think the whole look is very uplifting. I'm not sure how my family would react if I recovered the couches in something like this, but someday soon I'll find out as the upholstery is wearing down.

I love very contemporary furniture, and I have collected over the years several pieces of mid century modern furniture, as well as a pair of Thayer Coggin couches. 

The day the couches were to be delivered, the delivery men showed up rather earlier than I had expected. At the time we lived a mile from "paved road" in the loosely incorporated town of Castle Hayne, on the coast of North Carolina. I  was raising goats and guinea fowl, and had just finished milking the goats when the men drove up. I'm sure I did not look like the typical owner of modern furniture.

The delivery driver took one look at me and began apologizing in profusion as to how he had brought the wrong furniture. I was a little surprised at the reaction, and asked to see what he had brought. He was very adamant that it was not the right furniture [implication being for someone like me], but after a good bit of coaxing he relented and showed me the pieces. I assured him they were exactly what I had ordered.

I am thinking of having the couches reupholstered now in something about this shade of chartreuse, and the two mid century chairs in an orangy red leather. After all, what is life without a little contrast?

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