The Perfectly Appointed Refrigerator

Admiral Duplex Refrigerator from 1964 in a parade of fun colors.
I have to admit, my refrigerator has become a graveyard for old condiments. When the condiment is so old that it doesn't even have an expiration date on it, you know the situation is serious.

I know I have said it before, but I really miss the days of colored appliances. Now we only have white, black, and stainless [booooring], but from the 1950's on into the 1980's, there was a rainbow of colors from which to choose. 

According to colorcombos.com, the 1950s sported a delicate palette of mostly pastels for kitchen appliances. Popular choices included Stratford Yellow, Sherwood Green, Turquoise Green, Cadet Blue, Woodtone Brown, Petal Pink, and Canary Yellow. 

This ad, from a 1964 Ladies' Home Journal, shows the still popular colors of Canary Yellow and Turquoise, along with a standard brown.

Look at how organized and neat this refrigerator looks. Everything fits in perfectly, and looks absolutely delicious. I wonder if I can pay my kids to make my refrigerator look as good? 

Red Retro Kitchen

Green Retro Kitchen

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