Updo Hairstyle Constructions of 1964.

A hairstyle from 1964 features some interesting shapes.
The 1960's saw some pretty unusual hairstyles. These creative updos were not at all like the stringy I-just-got-out-of-bed looks women wear today. Oh no. These hairstyles were perfectly coiffed and sprayed into complete submission, lest even one hair find it's own voice.

Combining forces with an array of hairpieces was quite common in 1964, when this hairstyle found its way into a McCall's Magazine. It is as if the model's hair was somehow strangely sectioned off into individual building blocks, kind of like the intersection of where Legos meet hair.

According to the accompanying article, which based hairstyles upon hair colors, dark hair should be architectural, smooth, and motionless.

1960s hairstyle  looks like it is ready to take flight

Here is another sixties hairstyle from the same article. Wouldn't Princess Leia have been pleased? This style, which the article claimed was appropriate for fair hair, suggested the hair should "fluff a bit for maximum radiance."

Hairstyles of this sort were definitely for the more "mature" woman, and seem more appropriate to the gangster mistress than the regular woman of the time. 

While it is no telling where hairstyles will go in the future, I will be more than happy to never revisit this segment of the past.

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