Early Morning Beauty Advice

A simply lovely breakfast scene from 1960, featuring a woman rapturously in love, wearing  blue and white gingham dress and lovely blue hair bow. Her makeup is flawless, and breakfast perfect, indicating that she has likely been up for hours.
I love the advice you can glean from old magazines. Here is a picture from a 1960 Ladies' Home Journal that reads:

"For early-morning beauty: try a ribbon in your hair, a bright smile, a becoming brunch coat in a color your husband loves! Takes five minutes - yet his thoughts of your loveliness last the day."

Yeah; right.

It seems to me, the purpose of articles such as this one, suggest that allowing your husband to leave in the morning with the vision of you in curlers with a slightly disheveled hangover aura is somehow detrimental to a marriage. Who knew?

One of the overriding themes I find in these magazines from the 1950s and 1960s is the idea that if you are not somehow perfect, your husband will soon take a wandering eye toward someone else who is. 

And we wonder where we came to have body image issues? What were we thinking?

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