Kitchen Telephones - A Revival

The wall mounted telephone was a kitchen staple when I was a kid, and we sat at a corner of the kitchen to talk on the phone. Later on, the phone company developed a very long handset cord could be added to your phone, after which most women talked on the phone while cooking dinner.

It was not exactly a bluetooth solution.

Telephone handsets were fairly easy to balance, despite being much larger than today's micro sized cells, and you could lean your head to the side and kind of raise up your shoulder and you had the first hands free device of its kind. 

While ours was a typical black model, phones had become decorator items by the mid 1960's, as seen in this 1964 ad from McCall's Magazine. There was no touch tone at that time; you had to dial the phone.

My daughter had the incredible opportunity to spend a week this past summer at Johnson Space Center in Houston with the NASA WISH Program for high school girls. One of the highlights of the week was attending a lecture by Christopher Kraft in the original Apollo Mission Control Center. When she posted pictures of Mission Control, they included dial telephones. Wow. It is hard to imagine that we sent men to the moon when our technology level still included dial telephones. 

In a strange twist, the traditional handsets have become popular again, this time for your cell phone. I sure didn't see that coming.

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