Foodarama Living

The fabulous Foodarama refrigerator by Kelvinator, from 1960 vintage ad.
This vintage 1960 ad proudly states: "From Dairyland, U.S.A. - a panorama of fine foods for Foodarama Living." How exciting is that?!

Even better is the side note that you can enjoy your Foodarama in Buttercup Yellow, Bermuda Pink, Surf Turquoise, Aztec Copper, or Classic White. Wow!

Whenever I watch HGTV's House Hunters, I always see these people who look aghast when they enter a kitchen without [horrors] stainless steel appliances. Get over yourselves already. If I could have a fabulous set of Surf Turquoise appliances, I totally would, not to mention the enticing panorama of fine foods. 

I will be very glad when the whole stainless steel fad has passed. Bring on the Bermuda Pink please!

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