Life Before the Internet

Blue knitted hat with enormous pompom from 1964.
My son, who is 14, asked me today if I wish I had been born into this time period, rather than in 1960. The answer is both "yes," and a little bit "no."

I saw wonderful things growing up: the transition from black and white to color TV, and men going to the moon. But I spent a huge portion of my childhood being totally bored.

I learned to knit and do needlework when I was quite young, probably because there was little else to do on Sundays after church. Had browsing the Internet been an option rather than reading the out of date World Book Encyclopedias in my room, I might possibly have made a lot of different decisions about my life. But on the other hand, I probably wouldn't have learned to knit.

I found this picture in a 1964 McCall's Magazine of a sweater and hat with an enormous pompom on top. Without the pompom, it wouldn't look a whole lot different from one you might see today.

I taught my own daughter to knit when she was young, and although she is entering Wooster Polytechnic Institute this fall to major in Robotic Engineering, she can still do some knitting in her spare time.

Yeah; who am I kidding?

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