The Glass Half Full Side of SEO

Minute Tapioca Ad from 1964.
I try hard to be an optimistic, glass half full kind of person. It doesn't always work out. Recently, on Squidoo, I have seen the glass half empty side of a lot of people. It's not pretty.

Squidoo, for those of you who don't know, is an Internet site that  allows you, with no real need to know HTML, to make stand alone web pages on just about any subject. You can make money with your pages, you can link similar pages together, all kinds of stuff. It's very cool, and I have 200+ pages there under 4 different persona, including Beetlemania and ottoblotto.

Recently, however, Google has made some major changes in the way it brings up search results, so the way many people, including myself, have done pages, particularly product recommendation pages, is no longer OK with Squidoo, mostly because it is no longer OK with Google. This has caused a general outcry and much gnashing of teeth for no real good reason. What are they thinking? After all, if Google is no longer going to rank your web page on page one of search, then no one is going to find it anyway, so you may as well be flexible and change it.

I found this ad for tapioca in a 1964 McCall's Magazine. Here is an excerpt:
"Minute Tapioca's full of surprises. People who hate it call these surprises lumps. People with a more positive attitude think of them as bubblets. They say these bubblets transform what's basically a rich, creamy custard into - well, into a dessert that's full of surprises."

I guess Google updates are kind of like the lumps - or bubblets - in your tapioca. You will either like them or not. Sure, it's a pain to redo your work to stay abreast of the latest ideas from the almighty G, but if you don't no one will ever know but you because you are the only one who will ever see your work. Better to take your lumps like an optimist and keep moving forward.

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